How can CRM system reduce customer churn? (part 2)




CRM systems are perfect for customer experience management as they allow companies to collect data about customers, analyze it, unify communications with customers, and provide excellent customer service. Moreover ,CRM systems are also great tools to eliminate customer churn. 

Let’s discover how can Customer Relationship Management software reduce customer churn. 

CRM system helps to optimize customer journey for each prospect 

It is very important to make customer journey standardized, so you can make sure that every prospective customer will achieve required amount of attention, customer care and proper quality of customer service. 

CRM systems have powerful contact management capabilities, which means you can create different segments of customer card to be filled down by sales managers, and the design of customer card is the same for all customers.

This will help you make sure that none of the leads will be left alone without proper attention due to alck of information or even because it could have been lost by one of you managers. 

Data syncing automation allows your sales managers and customer service reps to stop filling in information manually, which means they will have more time for more important tasks. 

Sales processes that can be automated by the CRM system

Repetitve tasks and manual work are two main enemies of success of your sales teams, so your goal is to eliminate routine tasks. 

One example of how a CRM system helps to avoid losing customers is to use the sales funnel functionality to visualize the sales process. The sales funnel shows the successive stages that leads go through, from the first contact to the conclusion of the transaction.

Due to the fact that all sales managers use a CRM system, the stages that deals go through before getting the “won” status will always be the same.

This will allow you to avoid a situation where one manager breaks down the funnel into 12 detailed stages, while another has only 3.

Thanks to the sales funnel in the CRM system, you will be able to more accurately track the process of converting leads into customers, more easily measure teamwork performance, and respond to any delays or problems in a timely manner.

Sales pipeline management automation helps you stay ensured that none of stages of the sales funnel will be lost due to lack of attention and your prospective customers won’t achieve any piece of your marketing materials. 

You can set up different rules for your CRM software. For instance, you can make it send notifications about successful order when customer pays the bill on the website, and so on. 

CRM system allows you to onboard customers to the product

One of the most common reasons why companies lose customers is that users simply don’t have a clear understanding of how the product works and what its value is for the business. Therefore, to convince customers to re-subscribe to the product, explain how your development helps to optimize business processes. Once users understand how the product improves their lives, they will start using it more often.

CRM helps to automate the onboarding process

CRM allows you to automate the sending of emails, in particular, to familiarize users with the system, so that each new user of your product is guaranteed to receive all the necessary information and receive it on time.

You can customize the content and frequency of emails so as not to overwhelm people. The best way to send new information is to send it by pieces. Let them use the information you provided them earlier, so they will be ready to receive another piece of it. 

CRM allows you to create mass mailings to promote certain product 

You can launch a series of “Did you know?” emails. We recommend that you dedicate each email to a specific feature offered by the CRM system. Describe the problem it solves, explain how to use it, and provide several relevant links to company blog posts (if you have one) and the help center.

CRM improves email marketing personalization

If you want to reduce customer churn, you need to maximize personalization – especially when it comes to email marketing. No one wants their inbox to be clogged with another email that has nothing to do with their needs. Personalization is the foundation of successful marketing. Here are the statistics that prove it:

90% of American consumers find marketing personalization attractive;

72% of consumers say they only receive personalized messages;

63% of consumers will stop buying from brands that use poor personalization.

With CRM, you can segment your customer database based on various criteria. You can label each of your customers with different tags. For example, key issues, most pressing needs, business size, geographic location, industry, user role – and send them only the emails they find useful.

CRM system helps to find inactive customers

You can use different CRM software filters to find the customers, who either stopped the use of the product or just became inactive due to any other reason. You can filter customers by different criteria and parameters, including:

Last customer interactions with emails or products;

Last communication with the customer

Stage of customer lifecycle where customer became inactive

When filtering, you can also create a distinct target audience for such inactive customers and try to reactive them with personalized offer or in other way. 

Learn more ways the CRM system can reduce customer churn rate in the next part.