How can CRM system reduce customer churn? (part 3)




CRM system collects customer orders in one interface

You can service customers through different contact channels, and this includes emails, web chats, messengers, social media, phone calls, etc. The issue is that without a unified interface for servicing those communication channels your sales managers and the entire customer service team can’t address customer queries effectively and timely. 

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software helps you to gather all customer inquiries and questions in one place and address them productively within a few clicks. 

CRM automates the scheduling of evaluation calls

It is important to make sure that your product covers exactly the features you promised your audience. It’s better to identify inconsistencies and shortcomings before customers start leaving your company.

Determine the optimal time for the “trial period” that you give new customers to familiarize themselves with the product and test all the functionality offered. After this period, be sure to schedule a meeting with the new customer to discuss their experience with the product: find out what goes according to plan and what doesn’t, understand whether the customer is using the product to its fullest potential and whether the product meets their expectations.

Of course, when you have a lot of customers, it can be a challenge to schedule evaluation calls manually on time. To keep track of each client and schedule a call on time, you should automate this process in your CRM as much as possible.

For example, you can create a separate view that customers will automatically get to after X days of using the product.

Alternatively, you can create an automation that will automatically create tasks for the responsible customer support manager and send an email to the client about the meeting.

CRM automates notifications

When you have a lot of loyal customers, it is extremely difficult to come with needed notifications in time, as all customers use different services, order different goods, and so on. For instace, you have to remind your customers that their subscription is going to expire – how would you do it manually if you had 1000 clients? On the other hand, CRM system helps to automate this process – you just have to set rules for notifications, and believe us, such a practice will increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. 

CRM improves customer experience

First of all, ask yourself – what is easier: servicing customers without having any data about them, or servicing customers with valuable insights into their customer interactions history, communication history and so on? The answer is clear. 

Thanks to CRM software, all customer data is located in one interface, so customer support team can easily access it when needed. Moreover, system collects data from different digital channels, and thus, if one customer contacted your sales team via email, and then switched to another channel, this data wouldn’t be lost. 

A CRM system increases the chances that you will get customers back even after losing them

When used correctly, a CRM system allows you to keep track of the reasons why customers left your company and use this information to win them back

Reducing churn and establishing stronger customer relationships is key to the success of any business. Bringing in new customers can sometimes be easier than retaining existing ones. But it’s the customers who stay that ultimately increase your chances of building a successful business.

Our article will help you with this task. After all, there is no magic in it. It simply boils down to analyzing the reasons for the outflow, eliminating them, and taking proactive steps.

And remember a simple axiom: if you value your customers, they will most likely value working with you.