How can ERP solutions improve conversion rates for e-commerce businesses?



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Online shopping is now the most popular way of shopping, which means businesses pay more attention to optimizing their costs and improving performance in the field of online retail. There are plenty of solutions that are meant to have positive effects on improving business performance, but one of the best ones is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. Such systems gained a reputation for being incredibly reliable, cost-effective and multifunctional. Let’s take a look at how ERP systems can boost conversion efficiency.

What is ERP system?

An ERP system is a business tool that provides multiple process automation, including such vital business operations as inventory management, accounting, workforce planning, customer relationship management (in some cases), and so on. The system is also a database that provides different access levels for different employees and departments and allows you to integrate the work and data flows from different departments into single environment.

Besides all other benefits offered by the ERP software, one of the best options it can offer for e-commerce is its sales process automation features. The software manages every step of sales process, eliminating the human errors and potential issues. System updates inventories and sales orders, providing customers with only relevant information. This is the main way ERP conversion process works – it reduces the number of abandoned carts and boosts conversion efficiency.

The other way ERP software improves conversions and boosts sales is that it can improve customer satisfaction, which has direct impact on sales performance. As ERP software gathers all data and stores it efficiently so it can be accessed by agents anytime and anywhere, agents can provide customers with relevant information and service their orders much faster than it could have been done manually. Customers can track orders, ask for support, check delivery status, and so on.

ERP software also provides customer service personalization features that are useful for making customer experience more tailored. By tracking purchase history, system can show customers products that they are more likely to purchase next.

To end the topic, let’s say that ERP system is the best solution for e-commerce businesses that are really looking for a solution to streamline customer interactions, provide deep insights into business processes and operations, build customer loyalty, and definitely to boost sales. Business process automation and detailed analytics allow you to make more informed decisions and operate your business more efficiently than ever before.

ERP system benefits for B2B companies

1. Human resources management – human resources management is a source of truth about what your employees do, how they perform and what tasks are they working on;

2. Supply chain management – business intelligence in supply chain management is required to meet business requirements regarding time frames and to provide business growth;

3. Inventory levels management – it is vital to provide real-time updates to inventory levels to avoid abandoned carts or mistakes in prices or inventories;

4. Single source of analytics tools, valuable insights and real-time data regarding key business functions – provides you with relevant data to improve sales team performance and boost business efficiency

5. Financial management – business systems that provide financial management capabilities allow you to plan budgets and never get caught in a situation where you will go out of materials or money

6. Access to customer information – it is required to streamline marketing efforts, provide superior customer service and achieve business goals faster.